The Treasure Hunting Years over the Hills of Wanchai

Remember the times when we venture to experience our natural environment, how our neighbors in Wan Chai would make genius use of the plants and herbs found along Bowen Road, such as ingredients for making the Cantonese “floral herbal tea” or “24 flavors”, or even as scouring pads for dishwashing.  As for kids, the passage to Wan Chai Gap via Kennedy Road, Bowen Road and Wan Chai Gap Road brings back endless memories of summer noons spent in treasure hunting, hunting for Jumping Spiders, visiting the “Musical Spring” (「聽泉」) and “Evergreen Fountain” (「活水」) or picking wild grapes to quench thirst.  Meanwhile, along the North side of Kennedy Road marks the history of the creation of Hong Kong, such as bomb shelters and remains of shanty towns and others that await our discovery.  

Led by experienced local neighbors, Wan Chai Livelihood presents a hiking tour along the hills of Wan Chai, in an attempt to rediscover our long forgotten treasures in the Wan Chai backyard.  

 Proposed Route: Kennedy Road → Air-raid shelter  → Bowen Road→ Lover’s Rock → Bowen Road Garden

Date: by appointment only (One month in advance)
Duration: 2.5 hours

For application or enquiry, please contact at or 2833 4608.

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