Step Out Blue House

Charitable City Orienteering Competition for Heritage Conservation (Food Special)

Hong Kong is known as a “Food Paradise”, which brings the essence of Eastern and Western food culture together and develops her own uniqueness. This year, we theme Step Out Blue House "Food Special”, which shows the diverse food culture in Wan Chai, from old shops to trendy, to discover the surprise and taste of Hong Kong.

Step Out Blue House welcomes organizations, corporations and general public to join the competition. Through planning your own route, visiting various checkpoints in Wan Chai and completing the challenges within 90 minutes, participants could taste the food culture of Wan Chai. The team with highest score will win.
After deducting costs, all proceeds will be allocated to support cultural preservation and community engagement. Come and join us with your family and friends! Spaces for all events are limited, and entrants will be enrolled on a first come, first served basis.

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