Tomorrow with House of Stories
Exhibition for the Common People: A 10-year Retrospect
(19/7 - 2/10/2018)


"Come here, let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, not so long ago..." there was a story about House of Stories.

Wanchai had experienced many changes in its community since 2000, with numerous redevelopment projects initiated during the time. In view of this, a group of social workers, Blue House residents and volunteers from the neighborhood came together and proposed to set up an exhibition for the common people, in order to maintain the community network and to tell stories of Wanchai. "Wanchai Livelihood Place" was born from a question raised during a discussion in a garage, on a cold winter night back in 2004: "what should an exhibition hall for the common people look like?" More than 10 years has passed, from our humble beginnings as a mobile exhibition on the streets, to occupying a physical space, and later being renamed as "Hong Kong House of Stories", our scope has expanded from Wanchai to the entire city of Hong Kong. We were transformed from these recurring questions: what is exhibition? What is space? What is community? How are these things related with each other - are they isolated entities, or in fact a fusion? - Such questions and reflections became the driving force behind our development and growth, as we continue to showcase distinct imagery to the general public in different stages.

Today, more "Houses of Stories" are emerging in other parts of Hong Kong, telling stories of different communities. As we named ourselves "Hong Kong House of Stories", our target is apparently the entire "Hong Kong" community. We'd need to reflect on our objectives, and think about ways to encourage participation from our next generation. This exhibition is a retrospect of the past 10 years; as we look back to the many happy moments in the past, we rediscover our roots, and leave a part of history with House of Stories; we learn from yesterday and look forward for a better tomorrow.